About us:


"A Full House" Estate Liquidators has a reputation as a highly professional, yet compassionate, company that sincerely wants to help make any transition easier for those involved. We can be flexible and creative in finding solutions tailored to each family's situation and needs. We conduct Estate Sales, Downsizing & Moving Sales. 

Gale Dewberry, the owner, was accredited June, 2005 as an Appraiser of Antiques and Residential Contents. She will diligently  research the current "fair market value" on any item above the category of "General Household Item".  With her 30 years of Accounting background you are assured of having a detail-oriented individual working with, and for, you.  She has been an antique dealer in the past; and has 27+ years of experience in identifying and valuing antiques, collectibles & residential contents.

"A Full House" is proud of having such good "word of mouth" referrals that we do not need to advertise to stay busy eleven months out of the year.  Compliments are always received in regard to our well-run & CLEAN sales, and the organized and skillful presentation of the items in the Estate.  Our belief is that a clean, well-run, well-displayed sale equates to a more profitable sale.

"A Full House" advises the Family to be sure to remove any items that they may wish to keep; but to leave everything else and let us decide what needs to be thrown away.  This will prevent valuable items from being thrown away unknowingly. Please be assured that if anything is found that remotely looks to be a family-related item, or has social security numbers or other personal information, these items will be put into a box and given to the Family.
* "A Full House" is Insured and Bonded. *

* Our "Reference List" is available upon request*. Please feel free to contact anyone, or all listed.  Permission has been granted to include anyone on our   "Reference List".