Our Services:


"A Full House" sorts, organizes, cleans, prices and stages the contents of the house in an attractive manner; while being conscientious in efficiently handling ALL phases of the sale:

  1. Initial free consultation on site to assess items to be sold and to acquaint us with your individual needs, requirements and deadlines. Our "Estate Sale Agreement" will be read and any questions that may arise will be answered. This is a "one-size-fits-all" format, so any alterations to the "Agreement" can be made at that time to address special or unusual circumstances.

  2. Preparation for the sale begins.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks for preparation; according to the size of the estate, and the amount of work & research that will need to be done.

  3. After all organizing, researching, pricing, displaying and staging is done we will advertise online on EstateSales.NET with 100's of photos and descriptions of items being offered in the sale.  We will also advertise in the local papers, in their on-line ads, and on our Website .  We will also send out almost 3000 emails to persons who have signed up to receive notices of our sales.  "A Full House" has a loyal following of customers that have been known to drive for 2 hours to get to some of our sales.

  4. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff  will be provided to assist Gale during the sale.  If the Family feels that Professional Security is needed, the fee that is charged for that Service will need to be reimbursed to "A Full House".

  5. "A Full House" is very conscientious of physical safety for our customers and staff.  Signs or cones are posted at possible problem areas and reflective tape is put on stairs.

  6. We do not discount until after the first day of the sale . We have found it to be more profitable in the long run to begin pricing at a reasonable amount to insure the sale of an item on the first day; rather than having to wait until half-price time to sell an item.  If there is an item that has a "Reserved Price" it will be honored.  We also accept bids on higher-priced items.  These bids will be presented to you if they are below your "Reserved Price".  You then have the option to accept or deny the bid.

  7. Visa, Mastercard & Discover are accepted to provide multiple options for purchasing items at our sales.

  8. Bookkeeping is done and the check with a "Reconciliation Sheet" is received by our client by the Friday after the close of the sale.  "A Full House" takes full responsibility for any returned checks.

  9. "A Full House" is paid by a percentage of gross sales.

  10. "A Full House" has general liability insurance providing coverage for bodily injury and property damage and an honesty bond.  Copies of these policies will be available at the signing of the Agreement.

  11. "A Full House" requests that a Homeowner's Policy be in effect for the house in which the sale will be conducted.

  12. "A Full House"  requests that no one be living in the house while we are preparing for and conducting the sale.

  13. If the property where the sale is to be held is For Sale , "A Full House" will actively promote your property with your Realtor, including distributing brochures or business cards to interested persons and mentioning that the house is "For Sale" in on-line advertising.

  14. Additional Consulting Services:
            A.  Setting up your home for an Estate Sale to be conducted by the Family.  Includes any or all:

                 1.  Organizing, Displaying, Staging, Researching & Pricing
                 2.  Taking excellent photos for advertising on EstateSales.NET
                 3.  Writing ad for you to put in local papers
                 4.  Giving pointers and advise on Handling Checkout, Security of Small Items, Crowd Control.