Helpful & a true blessing.  Made a very difficult process a lot easier.  Overall very pleased.  Jay Pitts, June 2022

The professionalism & efficiency of Gale & her team was outstanding.  They are friendly, caring & love what they do.  We were kept up-to-date on the progress of set up and sale.  Suzanne Pitts, June, 2022

Thank you, Gale.  If you ever need an out of state reference please allow me the pleasure !  Jack Stauffer, Dec., 2021

Thank you from my heart, for taking such care with my Mom & Dad's treasures from a lifetime they shared together.  What a joy to see it shine !  Nancy Stauffer, Dec. 2021

Everything was impressive !  Very professional & creative.  Terry Colling, Oct. 2021

I was impressed by your lovely personality, organization & presentation.  You were very professional & helpful.  I don't know where you could improve.  Gertrude Landrum, August 2021

From the beginning, I felt very comfortable with Gale.  I could tell she was very professional and always kept her promise to me to take great care of our family treasures !  It was scary to entrust someone to take care of my parents' estate sale from 2 states away; but Gale did an excellent job !  She exceeded my expectations !  I highly recommend Gale and her staff to oversee your Estate Sale ! Laura Lerner Bowen, July 2021

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your sale in Griffin. It's so great to be at a sale that is so organized and so well run. All of your pictures made it so helpful to be prepared. All of your people were so kind and helpful. I've been collecting fishing lures for about 10 years now and that's my main focus and interest. I didn't get everything I wanted, but who does. I was very happy with what I was able to purchase and your pricing was very fair. If you have a mailing list, could you please add me? Thanks again!

Clark Dailey


Everything looked great for the sale.  We would not have been able to sell/dispose/cleanout without the great work of you & your employees. K. Jent, Feb. 2021

We could not ask for anything more.  Everyone was very helpful.  We were impressed by the cleaning & organization of the estate sale items.  Everyone works very hard setting up & pricing items.  Tony & Yvonne Reid, Sept. 2020

I was impressed with your organization & prompt payment !  Stewart J. Mosbey, Sept. 2020


The sale turned out well !  Your crew does an excellent job.  Lee Russell, August, 2020 

Impressed by the organization, honesty, detail & caring.  Your reputation and character speak volumes.  Have known you for a few years and knew all to be true.  It shows in your employees & previous sales.  The time you spend setting up & getting ready reflects who you are.  Do not change anything you are doing because it works ! I am pleased with the outcome.  Wendy Beddingfield, June 2020

Gale was very easy to work with.  They did everything they said they would.  On a scale of 1-10, I would give them a "10" !  Jim McBrayer, May, 2020

The organization ! Cleaning everything, pricing everything !  Just wonderful !  Linda K. Steele, May, 2020 

I was impressed by your communication, commitment to quality service from all aspects of the sale; from preparation to post clean up.  Kind staff who go beyond expectations to ensure a successful sale and a professional service.  Jason Bonner, March 2020

I was impressed by your professionalism and confidence.  You knew what would sell.  An excellent team.  Leslie Sevier, February, 2020

Wow. I am impressed. I don't think our house has ever looked that clean. We are supposed to close on the sale this Wednesday. I think the buyers will be very pleased. Thank you so much for a fantastic job. If you ever come to the lower keys please visit us.  Bonnie Ellerbee, January 2020

Thanks little sister for your hard work. I would come to your next sale but Rosie would divorce me if I brought anything else to our house.  Love you, Mark Johnson, January  2020 ( I'm not really his sister; we just have the same last name before I married  )

I was impressed by your organization, friendliness & care for my house & set-up.  You took care of EVERYTHING from start to finish & beyond; even the cleaning.  Totally pleased.  Highly recommended !  Tamera Phillips, November 2019

I was most impressed by the effectiveness of your whole crew.  Right from the start major progress was made quickly & efficiently.  This was the BEST exprience I've ever had with any business situation.  Great job !  Need a referral ?  I'm your man !  Max Hooper, September 2019

I was most impressed by your hard work !  Incredible, what you did !  Never dreamed so much would sell.  You did an awesome job.  Thank you so much.  Jacqueline Campbell, August, 2019

Very professional from start to finish.  Gave us all the details, sent pictures of items, contacted us for any questions.  Everything so organized.  Very pleased with a great job.  Thank you. Brenda C. Brooker, August, 2019.

Everything impressed us !  The whole process was wonderful.  Everyone made a very hard thing easier.  Such compassion ! We were amazed that everything was washed/cleaned before the sale.  The organization was fabulous !  Wonderful experience !  Fabulous team !  Lynne S. Bickley, July, 2019

We were most impressed by the display of the house & barns and the attitude of everyone.  We are well-pleased with the sale.  Louise McMickle, June 2019

I was impressed by your organizing, displaying and staging of the items to be sold.  A Full House cooperated with me & my realtors.  I'm very happy with the results of the sale.  I received money from the sale very quickly.  Lois Jackson, April 2019

From our first meeting, throughout the sale, and after the sale was finished Gale Dewberry & her team kept every promise they made.  Her years of experience were evident and it was a professional event.  We are pleased with the total event.  In fact, I have already recommended A Full House to a dear friend who may need this service within the next year.Thank you for providing such a helpful service during a stressful time for our family.  We could never have completed an estate sale and clean up without this help.  It was totally worth the fee.   March, 2019.

I appreciated the early work in preparation for a pending sale.(That helped alot).  The sale, staging, pricing, preparation was throughly organized and well-done to showcase everything.  Gale & her group were kind, considerate & understanding.  Their goal was for me to have a successful sale without any distress.  I have verbally referred them to others and would highly recommend the company.  The clean-out fee is worth every penny. (Saved me time, energy & resources.)  She protected me and my interests & was very careful about security.  Renee Mallard, November, 2018

I was most  impressed by your process from start to fininsh, the detail in catalogueing, organizing, cleaning, staging.  We like that you kept in touch with us, keeping us informed as you were preparing everything for the sale.  We liked that you had lots of help before & during the sale.  You and everyone on your staff that we met were so friendly & so genuinely nice.  We appreciate the post sale cleanup.  And we appreciated the prompt payment.  Thank you. Beverly Ballard Jinks, January, 2018

I was most impressed by your professionalism & attention to detail !  Even the smallest items were shined & polished and treated like treasures.  I thought your entire team was fantastic.  Brenda Cannington March, 2018

I was most impressed by your efficiency, honesty, very thorough.  Good communication, knowledgeable.  Robert H. Tawes, April, 2018

Professional & personable.  Very thorough with explanations.  Always available t o answer questions. Fay G. Cobb, April, 2018

I was most impressed by your organizational skills; your positive, upbeat personalities.  Gale & her team are true experts and professionals.  Debbie Polk Ziesenhene, May, 2018

I was very pleased in the way you handled all the items.  You treated each one as if it was your own, the way you displayed each one.  You & your employees were very gracious.  I can't thank you enough for making the sale easier for me.  Stay as you are, wouldn't change a thing.  Working with you was a great blessing. Sandra Archer June 2018

How can I begin to tell you how pleased we are at the way you and your team handled our big sale.  You, Lil and the others were just great at merchandising and displaying all of our treasures. We will be delighted to recommend you to anyone.   Jane Hutchinson Arnold, July, 2018 

My sister lives in Michigan. I live in Montana. When our Mother died we were at a loss as how to choose an estate liquidation company in Georgia.  Fortunately, we received recommendations from several people for Gale Dewberry at A Full House.  We were extremely happy with eveything, especially the website.  We could see all of our parents' keepsakes attractively arranged and as beautiful as we remembered them from childhood!  Gale and the staff were extraordinary, from start to finish.  We can highly recommend them ! Brenda J. Hawkins, July 2018

I was impressed by your research and attention to detail.  Without knowing your team, the results show that you have chosen well and picked some good people who follow your lead. You've obviously been in business for a long time and learned it well !  Lee Flynn, August, 2018


ALL was done RIGHT. Everything was cleaned and put in place. Good teamwork & felt we could trust them.
Brenda Reed
April 2022